My name is Maria Montanaro. Since childhood I 'have lived' in a shop and nowadays I run the business set up by my grandmother. In 2006 I became the third-generation owner of the company which I've put my heart and soul into. My primary aim is to provide you with the choice of high-quality special occasions clothing suitable for newborn babies and children up to 3 years of age. I'm always on the lookout for the products created with the precious craftsmanship that is typical of an authentic Made in Italy production. I do have a strong belief in what I do and in old family values. Indeed, I called my site MAGALU that is an acronym for MAria (me), GAbriele (my son) and LUca (my husband). With MAGALU I decided to diffuse my concept of customer care far beyond Italy and I formed a special team dedicated to e-commerse. My target customers are pregnant women. How magical and at the same time delicate the pregnancy is, I realized after giving birth to my son Gabriele.

Every blanket, romper suit, sheet, dress presented in the shop has been personally chosen by me. Each of them has been thorougly checked before being listed in the catalogue. I verify the quality of materials that the products are made of and their origin. I verify whether every phase of the production process meets ethical requirements towards employees and child labour does not occur. I examine the products one by one to make sure that none of them is defective. I know every artisan who produces clothing that I sell. Each of them has a real story to tell; a story about passion, creativity, dreams and hard work. I hope that my clients will share my choice; the choice that is free from the pursuit of maximum profit; the choice made with love, passion and soul.

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